How to Clean Your Gutters Properly

Home maintenance is something which we usually ignore be it cause us money and time but there are some essentials of home maintenance which you cannot ignore. This includes the cleaning of the gutters.

clean your gutters

The cleaning of gutters is important because if you do not clean it at least twice in a year then it will cause the gutter overflows which will leads to ice dams and force water inside your house. Also, the proper flow of water ensures you that the foundation of the house will not get affected and stays for the lifetime.

Today, in the era of technology, there are many options available to makes the gutter cleaning of the process very easy. In the market, there are many tools and equipment which have been made for those who like to do the gutter cleaning on their own.

Also, if you don’t have time and does not want to get involved in this, then you can always hire the professional gutter cleaners while doing your important work. But if you are the one who believes in DIY things, then this article will help you a lot.

I am writing this tutorial for those who are looking for ways to learn that how to clean gutter properly and safely.

How Often Should You Clean the Gutter?

Its depend that how much water gets flows into the gutter and how many trees are there but generally people clean it twice a year. But if you have so many trees around you, then you must keep an eye on your gutters as the leaves could block the flow of water during the rainy season.

The other things like storms and raining in your area also count to figure out that how often you should clean your gutters.

Step by Step Guide to Clean Gutter Properly:

Step 1: The first is about your safety. So make sure that you have worn all the safety things which required. This includes the safety goggles, gloves, and a dust mask. For further safety, wear a shirt with long sleeves to protect your skin from any tear.

Step 2: The cleaning of gutter does not require many tools. The essential tools required to cleaning gutter is a stable ladder, plastic scoop (garden trowel) for gunk and a basket/plastic tarp to collect the gunk and leaves etc.

Step 3: Now clean the gutter, with the help of garden trowel, scoop the debris from the gutter and dump into a plastic tarp.

Step 4: Once you removed all the debris from the gutter, flush the gutter with the help of a garden hose. This is also a good way to spot any leaks in the gutters and downspouts.

Now follow these steps on each and every gutter of your house. If you more than one gutter, then divide them equally and make a timetable to clean them properly before the season of rain and snow starts.

If you have a big house, then you can schedule to clean the gutters in 2-4 weeks or hire the professional gutter cleaners.