Everything You Need to Know About Derick Berry

Hi all, Derick here! Where do I start telling you about myself? I guess from where it all began in a little hospital back in 1981…

Just kidding! Seriously, I’ve been working on home exterior project since I could remember. When I was younger, I’d help my father with small projects around the home. He was also quite the handy man and my hero. As I got older, he started trusting me with more and more work.

All of this working with my father payed off when I got my first house. I was able to reside it, replace the roof and install new gutters all on my own. That allowed me to create my dream home which I’m still living in to this day!

You probably think that hardly makes me an expert, but it has become a passion of mine and has lead me to flipping houses with a couple of my friends.

Now I want to help you with your home exterior knowledge. Since I am known as The Siding Man, that will be the primary focus of my website. However, I know a thing or two about almost everything and will give my two cents.

Check out the blog and have a good time on DerickBerry.com. I know I will while writing it.

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